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Bild: Marvin Potter med ”assistent”.

Av en slump satt jag och botaniserade på bildsidan ”Pinterest” och får syn på en riktigt läcker  snidad trästol, som hade gjort Fantomen grön av avund i Döskallegrottan. Sökte på biduppgifter och kom så småningom fram till POTTER WOODWORKS i Illinois, USA.
Fick snart kontakt med grundaren och träsnidaren, Marvin Potter, som var ytterst tillmötesgående, när jag föreslog att vi skulle göra den svenska publiken varse om hans talang och de produkter han framställer, oftast med sin fru Lisa´s kreativa idéer.

I och med att vi är så bra på att läsa engelska här i Sverige, vill jag inte översätta den färgstarka historia som Marvin bjuder på här nedan utan ni får den helt i original. Hoppas ni även klickar in på Potter Woodworks Facebooksida och ”gillar” den:

Hello all Swedish fans!
Some of you have asked me how I got started in woodworking. Well I’ll try to give you a brief history on how I got started.
Let me go way back to about 1980…
During my junior year in high school, I took wood shop. Now, I loved making things in shop class but the teacher and I didn’t see eye to eye. Ya see, he had his favorites… and I wasn’t one of them. So yah you guessed it…I flunked the class.

Lots of things happened in the next few years. I met a girl that was to become the mother of our 3 sons. My sister was killed in a car accident, the following month one of my best friends was killed in a car accident. We had our first son. We got married, we moved in our first place, a tiny little apt with 3 rooms and about 50 steps! Not really, but there a lot of steps lol!
But then a small house came up for rent and we jumped on the opportunity and moved again. This small house was awesome, it had a nice big yard and a big front porch. We were livin’ the dream…we were pretty poor but happy!

I hadn’t done any woodworking years. Around 1984 or so, we were cruising around town…. it was junk days in our town and we were looking for treasures.
It just so happens that I spotted a scroll saw in a pile of junk. So I grabbed it, took it home plug the thing in and it worked! I just needed to buy some blades.
My wife is pretty creative and always had ideas, so she found some patterns for me to cut out and she painted the items. As I said earlier, the house had a front porch on it….I ran an electrical cord out there and so there began Potter Woodworks! We eventually closed the porch in and continued to create. The ideals got bigger and so did the items I was making. Our landlord graciously offered a corner in their garage so I could work on larger projects.

1992 we bought our first house and it had a 24×24 garage!! And yes I bought many more tools! My wife and I continued to making a variety of items and we even did a few craft shows. Soon bigger cabinets were made, corner cabinets,  gun cabinets,  entertainment centers,  toy boxes and much more!
In 2002 we moved to the country! It was an awesome place…outside. There wasn’t really any decent place to do any woodworking and the house was…well…lets say needed some work…well a lot of work lol. So I put my carpenter skills to work, and with my wife’s ideas and vision and our 3 sons help,  we refinished the whole inside of our home.
A few years later I was able to build a new shop, a 30×36 building. LET woodworking begin again!!
One day someone asked if I could make a skull chair with their name on it. My wife and I  put our heads/skulls together and came up with our style of the skull chair. My wife is the creator, I am the builder, and that was our first skull chair!
In March of 2018, one of my skull chairs was posted on Facebook and it went viral!! I was in shock!! The orders have continued ever since.
I just wanted to thank each and everyone of all those that has ordered something from Potter Woodworks!

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!
Marvin & Lisa Potter
Potter Woodworks
Address:   10792 Township RD 690 N Wyoming, IL, US 61491


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